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Earl of Guarda-Style Codfish

Norte de Portugal

Probably in the 19th century, in Oporto


It is similar to Espiritual Codfish and it is named after the customer who possibly invented it – the 2nd Earl of Guarda. This gentleman would go to a restaurant in Oporto and usually order codfish made in a specific manner, in the oven, toasted on top. This recipe became popular and has since been associated with the Earl of Guarda. His name subsequently contrasts with the recipe, which is in spite of being associated with an aristocrat made with humble ingredients and not much codfish.

However, not everyone agrees on the origin of this recipe. Some will defend that the Earl of Guarda might have been involved in the import of codfish but he did not have any teeth for which reason he could not eat it, so this recipe was created for him to enjoy codfish.

On the other hand, some say that Chef João Ribeiro, from the Aviz restaurant, in Lisbon, created this recipe and made it popular.

400g (14oz) of codfish
600g (21oz) of potatoes
200g (7oz) of onions
3 cloves of garlic
2.5dl (0.4pt) of cream
Bread crumbs
Grated cheese

This dish is very simple and creamy. You need shredded codfish, potatoes, and cream together with olive oil and garlic. Mix it all on a platter and add bread crumbs and grated cheese on top so that it will be crunchy. Finally, put it in the oven and wait until it is done.

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