The Codfish History Interpretation Centre is a place for experiencing and learning with the intent of telling the heroic epic poem of the Portuguese and the way they dedicated themselves to cod fishing in the frozen waters of the northern sea. The fishing and consumption of codfish by the Portuguese is still a fundamental reference overseas of our culture and tradition. This is a modern and interactive exhibition for that purpose involving its visitors in a unique experience throughout two great themed modules – ‘The Sea’ and ‘On the Table’, where you can meet the main characters of this story as well as their most remarkable episodes through images, films, animation, and interactive experiences. Visitors are also invited to learn how to cook and taste codfish dishes and to learn plenty of trivia on this fundamental food product in Portuguese cuisine.

You can visit the exhibition independently and autonomously, where you will be given all information in a bilingual format (Portuguese and English) or as a complement to a Smartphone audio guide app.

The themed modules for this exhibition are as follows:


The Sea

I – The Saga

II – Emotional Farewell

III – The Dory Experience

IV – The White Fleet

V – On Board

VI – Propaganda

On The Table

I – Tasting

II – Codfish 2020

III – Photo Point

IV – #codfish1002