Encyclopedia of Codfish

Viana-Style Codfish

Viana do Castelo, Norte de Portugal

Port of Viana do Castelo


Since Viana do Castelo is the northernmost port of the Portuguese coast it has always had privileged access to the codfish from the north seas. The famous navigator João Álvares Fagundes – who navigated to the Newfoundland, in Canada, a cod fishing area privileged by the Portuguese – was from Viana do Castelo. Codfish was early on used by Portuguese navigators on their journeys due to it lasting a long time and being easy to transport and preserve. Subsequently, many of the main codfish recipes came from this seaport. There are several recipes with this name where one of the most famous is roasted codfish involved in cabbage served with cornbread.

4 codfish fillets
1 Savoy cabbage
6 medium onions
2.5dl (0.4pt) of olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

Its preparation begins with soaking the codfish, washing the cabbage leaves with cold water, and peeling and cooking the potatoes. The codfish fillets are involved in the cabbage and secured with a thick string before they are placed in the oven. While they are in the oven, slice the onions and fry them in olive oil until they are brown. Remove the fillets from the oven when the cabbage leaves are completely dry. Then remove the string and place it on a platter together with the sliced boiled potatoes. Finally, place the onions on top of the fillets and pour plenty of olive oil. It is traditionally served with cornbread.

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